Kristi's Story

Kristi is a 46-year-old part-time certified public accountant (CPA), and mother of two young children. She was diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer.

When meeting with her doctor, he informed her that with her diagnosis, the standard recommendation for treatment was surgery, hormone treatment and potentially radiation.

Kristi has a genetic predisposition towards forming blood clots, so she was concerned about the blood clotting risk of hormone treatments. She was also concerned about the potential side effects of radiation, including heart damage.

Kristi met with a MyCancerJourney advocate and discussed her treatment goals and personal preferences.

Her advocate helped her understand her pathology reports, her prognosis, and the side effects associated with each treatment, then took her through the outcomes data for other cancer patients her same age, sex, race/ethnicity, and health status -- with the same type of cancer.

With this information, Kristi met with her surgeon and medical oncologist and decided to forego radiation. Instead, she elected to receive surgery, and a reduced dose of hormone therapy.

Even after her decision, her advocate was there for her, helping to connect her to the services and resources she needed, including financial, emotional, and social support. Her advocate also helped her understand the insurance benefits available to her, so she could make the most of her coverage.

Kristi is now in remission, and works with a local non-profit to support other breast cancer patients in similar situations.

Snapshot of Kristi's Case

After using MyCancerJourney (MCJ), Kristi elected to forgo radiation therapy, as there was no benefit to survival.

Guideline Treatment

Surgery, Hormone Treatment,
and Radiation Therapy

Patient's Treatment Choice

Surgery and
Reduced Hormone Therapy

Dollar Savings

By forgoing radiation,
there is a savings of $12,586.23

Estimate at 5 Years Guideline Survival

97% of patients like Kristi who received
surgery, hormone therapy, and radiation
are living five years after treatment

Estimate at 5 YearsPatient Choice Survival

97% of patients like Kristi who received
surgery and hormone therapy
are living five years after treatment

20%Percent Savings

By forgoing radiation,
there is a 20% savings
in treatment cost.

Patient Report Overview

Kristi is an accountant with a husband and two children. Kristi has a history of blood clots including two ICU hospitalizations.

What I do want:

She wants to be there for her children and husband. She was terrified by her breast cancer diagnosis and looks forward to having it removed surgically.

What I don't want:

She does not want radiation due to the risk of complications. She is concerned about the risk of blood clots that hormone treatment introduces.

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