Kristi's Story

Kristi is a 46-year-old part-time certified public accountant (CPA), wife, and mother of two young children. She volunteers with her children’s school and is active in various social organizations in her free time.

Kristi was diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer. The diagnosis terrified her, and immediate thoughts were about the impact of the diagnosis on her family. The guideline recommendation for treatment is surgery, hormone treatment, and potentially radiation. Kristi met with the breast surgeon but did not have a good sense of her prognosis. Kristi has a genetic predisposition towards forming blood clots and was admitted to the hospital ICU on two separate occasions in the recent past. She was concerned about the blood clotting risk of hormone treatment and potential side effects of radiation, including heart damage.

Kristi wanted to see the data and was referred to MyCancerJourney (MCJ), a patient support platform where trained board-certified patient advocates provide patients with detailed information on the outcomes of other people like themselves who received different treatments. Kristi met with a patient advocate and was pleasantly surprised by how favorable her prognosis was. Kristi and the advocate discussed her treatment goals and personal preferences and created a report to support a shared decision with her doctors and family.

Kristi met with her surgeon and medical oncologist and elected to receive surgery, a reduced dose of hormone therapy, and forego radiation. Kristi and her family were confident in their decision and appreciative of her care team's support.

Snapshot of Kristi's Case

After using MyCancerJourney (MCJ), Kristi elected to forgo radiation therapy, as there was no benefit to survival.

Cost: $62,065.52Guideline Treatment

Surgery, Hormone Treatment,
and Radiation Therapy

Cost: $49,479.29Patient's Treatment Choice

Surgery and
Reduced Hormone Therapy

$12,586.23Dollar Savings

By forgoing radiation,
there is a savings of $12,586.23

Estimate at 5 Years Guideline Survival

97% of patients like Christy who received
surgery, hormone therapy, and radiation
are living five years after treatment

Estimate at 5 YearsPatient Choice Survival

97% of patients like Christy who received
surgery, hormone therapy, and radiation
are living five years after treatment

20%Percent Savings

By forgoing radiation,
there is a 20% savings
in treatment cost.

Patient Report Overview

Kristi is an accountant with a husband and two children. She is active in the kid's school and helps to manage her aging parents. Kristi has a history of blood clots including two ICU hospitalizations.

What I do want:

She wants to be there for her children and husband. She was terrified by her breast cancer diagnosis and looks forward to having it removed surgically.

What I don't want:

She does not want radiation due to the risk of complications. She is concerned about the risk of blood clots that hormone treatment introduces.

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