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    A cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming. We’re here to help. MyCancerJourney empowers you with actionable information and support specific to you and your diagnosis helping improve outcomes and ensure peace of mind.

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What is MyCancerJourney?

MyCancerJourney is the first and only solution to seamlessly blend high-tech real-world data and artificial intelligence with high-touch patient support resulting in personalized shared decision-making for cancer care.  

The MyCancerJourney navigator provides patients with personalized treatment and outcomes information of “people like me” derived from precisely collected data on over 2 million cases from 500 hospitals and cancer treatment centers. Real-world evidence from all patients diagnosed with cancer regardless of race, age, sex, and overall health – not just the 4% of the patients selected to participate in clinical trials.  

We treat patients with cancer and their families as individuals and provide exceptional support from diagnosis to treatment and beyond delivered by humans, not bots

Our navigators discuss the treatment options with the patients to clarify their priorities and preferences and create a personalized report to help communicate this information with their healthcare providers and family. 

Our work does not end when treatment choices are made. MyCancerJourney navigators are available to guide patients through the often confusing healthcare system and provide continuing support through the screening, diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up phases of care. 

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Clarity in the Midst of Complexity

Patients receive personalized information to support collaboration with providers and loved ones to obtain the treatment that best meets their clinical needs and personal priorities. MyCancerJourney provides an informational framework to clarify treatment options, compare their benefits and tradeoffs, and determine how well the treatment options work in everyday practice settings focusing on the outcomes that matter to people.

Personalized Information

MyCancerJourney empowers cancer patients with usable information relevant to their specific clinical condition to support decisions that enhance their quality and length of survival. By providing patients with personalized information based on the real-world outcomes of other patients with the same diagnosis, clinical factors, demographic, and comorbidities, patients can make truly informed decisions about their treatments, matching them to their personal goals and values.

Facilitates Shared Decision Making

Some medical decisions are uncomplicated because there is one best-case treatment. Cancer treatment, however, frequently has multiple treatment options. Board Certified Patient Advocates provide access to MyCancerJourney information, assist patients in understanding their diagnosis and prepare them for shared decision-making conversations. This collaborative approach leads to greater patient satisfaction and compliance.

Improves Outcomes

Patients who use MyCancerJourney are more informed about their diagnosis and options than the average patient. This leads to increased patient involvement in decision-making and more satisfaction with treatment decisions. Patients can more accurately perceive risks and make decisions that better align with their goals and preferences. We regularly see lower treatment rates with similar outcomes, saving patients money and unnecessary pain and suffering.

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We’re closing the gap 

Cancer is a disease that can affect anyone, but it doesn’t affect everyone equally. Many barriers can impact a person’s ability to prevent, find, treat, and survive cancer. An important cause of this problem is the lack of personalized information, especially for minority patients. Minority groups are underrepresented in clinical trials and guideline treatment definitions. White women are almost five times more likely than Black women to be referred for genetic counseling and testing, suggesting racial disparities in how some doctors refer patients for those services. 

Additionally, research suggests Black patients are more comfortable working with providers of the same race. Yet, only about 3% of U.S. oncologists are Black, reducing participation during medical visits.

We have collected data on over 2 million patients, including those not included in clinical trials due to many factors, including other health issues common in minority groups such as diabetes and heart disease. With this information, we can personalize treatment for minority patients.

Having the information is the first step; relating it to the individual makes the real difference. We can match patients with cancer with board-certified patient navigators of the same race to share information and provide holistic support. When a patient is provided information and support, they can better understand their options and better advocate for increased genetic counseling and testing referrals.


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