• A cancer diagnosis can raise so many questions...

    A cancer diagnosis can raise so many questions...

    Our purpose is to empower cancer patients with actionable information tailored to their unique characteristics, clinical condition, and immediate needs.

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  • Finally, a place with some answers.

    Finally, a place with some answers.

    Our purpose is to empower cancer patients with actionable information tailored to their unique characteristics, clinical condition, and immediate needs.

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What is MyCancerJourney?

Newly diagnosed cancer patients seek relevant and accurate information regarding prognosis and treatment effectiveness, as well as a greater understanding of how treatment will impact their quality of life and functioning. MyCancerJourney leverages the power of collective wisdom and predictive analytics to provide unbiased, personalized, and predictive outcomes information to allow patients to simultaneously explore the outcomes of multiple treatment combinations for the first time.

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Provides Clarity in the Midst of Complexity

MyCancerJourney provides an informational framework to clarify treatment options, compare the benefits and harms, determine how well treatments work in everyday practice settings, and focus on the outcomes that matter to people. Trained cancer navigators are available to patients to ensure they understand their diagnosis, treatment options, and possible complications, and to help manage the complexities associated with the individual’s disease.

Provides Personalized Information

MyCancerJourney empowers cancer patients with usable information that is relevant to their specific clinical condition, to support decisions that enhance their quality and length of survival. By providing patients with personalized information, based on the real-world outcomes of other patients with the same diagnosis, clinical factors, demographic and comorbidity factors, patients can make truly informed decisions about their treatments.

Facilitates Shared Decision Making

Some medical decisions are uncomplicated in the sense that there is one clear best-case treatment. Cancer treatment, however, is fraught with diagnostic complications. In these situations, personal value preferences and life circumstances should drive the decision conversation between the patient and doctor. This collaborative approach leads to greater patient satisfaction and compliance. MyCancerJourney provides the information to open the conversation.

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  • “Cancer is a personal disease and each person’s cancer has its own individual traits. Knowing these traits and being able to get answers on how treatment might unfold opens the door for what patients really want…a map to guide them through a difficult time. MyCancerJourney is this map.”

  • "Large scale results like this are not available elsewhere, including through oncologists. I asked oncologists at two leading cancer centers in the US, 'What are the statistics for each type of treatment compared to no treatment?' Their answer was, “We only have data on the treatments.”

  • “We are so grateful to PotentiaMetrics for helping us at the time we were initially diagnosed with stage-4 cancer. I cannot imagine how we could have navigated the very confusing world of cancer treatment options without PotentiaMetrics’ MyCancerJourney platform."

  • “I am a firm believer in patients advocating for themselves, educating themselves, and guiding their own medical treatment. I think there is a breakdown in communication between doctors and patients. Because most people have a severely limited scientific background, it is easy to be confused, intimidated and overwhelmed. There is no right answer for treating cancer, but having access to trusted information can empower patients to make treatment decisions that reflect their own values and best interests."