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    MyCancerJourney combines high-tech real-world data and artificial intelligence with high-touch patient support resulting in personalized shared decision-making for cancer care.

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What is MyCancerJourney?

MyCancerJourney empowers newly diagnosed cancer patients with information tailored to their unique characteristics, clinical condition, and goals for care. MyCancerJourney combines personalized high-tech analytics based on millions of real-world patients with the personal touch of a board-certified cancer support professional to help you make informed care decisions.

Facilitates Shared Decision Making

Best practices demand patient-centric care models that depend on shared decision-making and clinicians eliciting patient needs and preferences to discuss and weigh treatment options appropriately. Some medical decisions are uncomplicated in the sense that there is one clear best-case treatment. Cancer treatment, however, frequently has multiple treatment options. In these situations, personal value preferences and life circumstances should drive the decision conversation between the patient and doctor. This collaborative approach leads to greater patient satisfaction and compliance. MyCancerJourney provides the information to open the conversation.

Personalized Information

MyCancerJourney empowers cancer patients with usable information relevant to their specific clinical condition to support decisions that enhance their quality and length of survival. By providing patients with personalized information based on the real-world outcomes of other patients with the same diagnosis, clinical factors, demographic, and comorbidity factors, patients can make truly informed decisions about their treatments.

Clarity in the Midst of Complexity

Patients receive personalized reports to support collaboration with providers and loved ones to obtain the treatment that best meets their clinical needs and priorities. MyCancerJourney provides an informational framework to clarify treatment options, compare the benefits and tradeoffs, determine how well treatments work in everyday practice settings, and focus on the outcomes that matter to people.

We Support the Cancer Patient Bill of Rights

1. Cancer patients have a right to fully understand their diagnoses and be informed about treatment options in culturally appropriate and understandable languages.

2. Cancer patients have a right to transparent and timely processes that ensure access to contracting oncology specialists, diagnostic testing, and accurate interpretations of those tests.

3. Cancer patients have a right to contact cancer sub-specialists who have expertise in the treatment of their subtypes of cancers when complex decisions are needed.

4. Cancer patients have a right to medical treatments for pain management and other services that support their overall health.

5. Cancer patients have a right to contracting National Cancer Institute-designated comprehensive cancer centers and leading academic medical centers for the management of complex cancers that require multiple experts or high-risk or emerging therapies.

6. Cancer patients have a right to relevant clinical trials, medical research, and cutting-edge innovation, including evidence-supported precision medicine.

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