Helping your patients
optimize their treatment decisions

When your patients are more informed about their treatment options, they make smarter decisions. Patient satisfaction goes up. Healthcare costs go down.

We are treatment agnostic. We do not provide clinical advice, specific treatment or drug recommendations.

We provide support so your patients can make informed decisions with their care teams.

MyCancerJourney is
the only solution

that combines navigation with data about:

People Like You

Data pulled from people the same age, sex, race/ethnicity, and health status, with the same cancer

Treatment Options

The exploration of treatment options in context of your patient's goals and preferences


Patient comorbidity (other health issues), a critical variable for many cancer types


Isolated outcomes for different treatment modalities (surgery, chemo, radiation, etc.), combinations, and no-treatment

Supporting your patients
in their time of need

Our navigators ensure your patients and their families are prepared and supported during every step of their cancer journey.

We guide your patients through this intensely personal journey, and give them a voice in choosing treatment options personalized to them, their goals, and their quality of life interests.

MyCancerJourney navigators share the effect of treatment options for people with the same age, sex, race/ethnicity, and health status, and diagnosis. They will also review quality of life considerations related to treatments.

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    MyCancerJourney is a comprehensive patient navigation service paired with a proprietary AI platform that powers treatment decision support for patients.
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    Copyright PotentiaMetrics, Inc. All rights reserved.