With MyCancerJourney, you have access to a skilled navigator specializing in defining patient preferences, values and supporting informed choices. Navigators can help address the following questions:

What does my diagnosis mean?

A cancer diagnosis is scary. Navigators help cut through the confusion and communicate complex diagnostic information in an easy-to-understand way. 

They can help procure and organize medical records, diagnostic information, and access to portals for easy access in the future. They can also develop a plan for telling your children and counsel them in times of emotional distress.

What is my prognosis?

This is the question at the heart of every newly diagnosed cancer patient’s fear. How much time do I have? MyCancerJourney is uniquely positioned to answer this question, using data from over 2 million cancer cases. Using AI, MyCancerJourney pulls cases with the same type of cancer, comorbidities, age, sex,  and race to show survival estimates of similar patients. They can discuss the likelihood of progression and recurrence. 

What treatment options are available to me?

MyCancerJourney navigators will discuss the common protocol for a patient’s diagnosis, define the risk and benefits, discuss the tradeoffs, and help the patient decide on a treatment that best fits their goals and preferences. They can also help patients select a provider (local or center of excellence), enroll in a clinical trial, or locate specialized treatment.

What can I afford?

Navigators help patients navigate their healthcare benefits program and the healthcare ecosystem. They may also work with insurance companies, employers, case managers, community resources, lawyers, and others who may affect a patient’s healthcare needs across geographies, cultures, and care systems.

How can I manage my day-to-day responsibilities with cancer?

Many patients fear they will not be able to manage their families, job, and finances. Our navigators can help you manage all the aspects of your life and connect you to helpful resources that will fill in the gaps. 

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