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PotentiaMetrics is changing the world one decision at a time by providing trusted and actionable healthcare insights that uncover what works, for whom, under what circumstances, and with what tradeoffs, including economic costs.

Our Products combine high-tech real-world data and artificial intelligence with high-touch patient support resulting in personalized shared decision-making.

Our Team includes clinicians, data scientists, IT, patient support professionals, and healthcare business leadership.

Our Value stems from a combination of essential elements, unique data proprietary analytic platforms, proven processes, and genuine objectivity.


To empower and support patients with actionable information tailored to their unique characteristics and clinical conditions to feel more confident in discussions with their care team. Our navigators help patients understand the available treatment options and make treatment decisions that best align with their personal goals and provide compassionate support throughout their treatment journeys.


Our founder and CEO of PotentiaMetrics, Robert Palmer has over 20 years of experience in developing analytic models for healthcare. In 2011 his father was diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer. There was no right answer or positive outcome potential. The treatment choices were complex and emotional. They had many questions: How long might he live? What are the tradeoffs associated with each option? Every person diagnosed with cancer needs answers to these questions to make an informed treatment decision. At the time, this information was not widely available. Without access to this information, Robert’s father ultimately made a sub-optimal treatment selection, and passed, due to complications of treatment. This experience was the driving force behind the creation of MyCancerJourney.    

Our Product

Cancer treatment choices are complex. Patients must make treatment decisions with often complicated, unclear, and contradictory data. MyCancerJourney provides patients with actionable information tailored to their unique characteristics, clinical condition, and goals for care. MyCancerJourney combines personalized high-tech analytics based on millions of real-world patients with the personal touch of a board-certified cancer support professional to help you make informed care decisions. This consultative process encourages informed healthcare decisions that enhance the quality of life, survival, and goal attainment while seeking to eliminate treatment with limited therapeutic value. Patients who use MyCancerJourney understand their prognosis better, have more realistic expectations, are less likely to make treatment decisions they regret, and report higher satisfaction with their care.


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MyCancerJourney is a comprehensive patient navigation service paired with a proprietary data and analytics platform that powers treatment decision support for patients.
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