Shared Decision-Making Benefits

January 5, 2023

Making the most informed treatment decisions is vital for new patients and their families. Shared decision-making allows patients to have a say in their treatment methods while also allowing healthcare professionals to provide the best individualized treatment possible. Because nobody knows a patient better than themselves, allowing patients a voice in their care can change their outlook on their treatment journey. By creating a collaborative environment, patients are encouraged to ask cultivated questions to fully understand their treatment.

The treatment team benefits from making educational tools and resources accessible to patients and allowing them the opportunity to better understand their diagnosis and treatment because it leads patients to be more receptive to the information the team provides. As a result, the patient also benefits, as doctors are more likely to provide additional information to high-participation patients. Giving patients access to all treatment options and allowing them time to process their diagnosis can help them better understand how to best move forward. 

Shared decision-making empowers patients in the following ways:

  • Reduces counseling time and increases satisfaction with the consultation process. 3
  • Improves clinical outcomes quality of life. 3, 4 
  • Increases patient and physician satisfaction throughout treatment.
  • Patients better understand the risks and potential outcomes of treatment. 4 
  • Decreased anxiety as they are involved, informed, and confident about their care plan.

Increases compliance and the likelihood of their making and keeping their appointments. 3, 4 

MyCancerJourney empowers patients with actionable information tailored to their unique characteristics and clinical conditions to feel more confident in discussions with their care team, understand the available treatment options and make treatment decisions that best align with their personal goals.

For more info, get in touch with MyCancerJourney via this Online Form, and we will get back to you within one business day.




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MyCancerJourney is a comprehensive patient navigation service paired with a proprietary data and analytics platform that powers treatment decision support for patients.
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